Origins of the fouta

A "fouta" or foutah is a fabric that comes to us from Tunisia. This cotton towel woven trendy is very thin (1mm thick), highly resistant (thanks to its weaving very tight) and very absorbent. Easily identifiable, these graphic fabrics oriental blend sober aesthetic lines and stunning colors. The fouta is a tunisian is also known for the softness of its fabric and its extreme lightness. For many years, the west has re-appropriated this fabric, and we can see traces of it in the linen that we are offered (towels, tablecloths, pier sofa, or bed, etc) and in the accessories of beaches commonly used (pareos and beach towels). Discover the origin of the fouta and all its uses. Fouta : the origins It is in the hammams of Tunisia that we find the origin of this towel. This fabric is highly absorbent is an essential accessory to the ancient art of oriental bath. Very lightweight (450 grams maximum) and fine the fouta is very practical to use and carry. If you read the stories of travelers of the Fourteenth century, you will be able to get a first glimpse of the versatility offered by this fabric. In effect, we gave each arriving three foutas : the first was a pair of boxers to the bathroom, the second was after the bath, and the third allowed to wipe the body. The many qualities of this fabric and its colors shimmering enabled him also to be used as a traditional dress of haute couture by oriental women (especially at weddings). The types of weaves On our site you will find the two types of weaves are the most common, but also more resilient than we practice on the cotton fouta : The fouta weaving flat The fouta weaving honeycomb The fouta our days who is it for ? And, for what use ? Today, more than ever, the fouta remains an accessory trend that is used both inside your home and outside : You know, without a doubt, but its lightness and absorption capacity are an essential accessory for bathing. You can quite often see foutas asked at the edge of the beaches and swimming pools. In addition, the fineness of this fabric, tunisian allows it to dry very quickly and not to hold back the sand. Staying on the beach, we find a second way to use the fouta : the sarong. The qualities associated with the fouta is a tunisian it can be used to dress up nice silhouettes. As well, the women especially appreciate the lightness of this long cloth to cover their body or to emphasize their silhouettes (according to their own way of attaching it). The foutas are also used as outdoor carpet (or beach towel) during the picnic. The larger sizes of foutas (we have a topic of foutas XXL) will allow you to comfortably lie in the sun or to create a picnic area and comfortable for your entire family. Finally, you can choose to use foutas as decorative accessories for your interior. Here, it is the warmth provided by the colors and the aesthetic sobriety of the reasons that impress. Thus, you can use the foutas as table cloths and to cover your beds and sofas. The foutas tunisian fouta cheap On our website you will find foutas in many colors and different size (100*200, 150*250, 200*300), so you can use it according to your needs and desires. We have chosen to specialize in the manufacture and sale of foutas in order to be able to offer you fabrics, durable, high quality, at a low price. If you have a question about our products or if you need to be contacted, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone. We will be happy to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to place an order on our website : your payments are secure and we will deliver your products quickly.
Découvrez et achetez l’étoffe tendance de cet été : la fouta

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