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Originally, the fouta is a tunisian is a fabric in which the women crawling around entering or exiting the steam room. It is a soft, lightweight, absorbent material that dries the skin without the assault.Made of 100% woven cotton, the fouta is a tunisian is not simply a bath towel or a beach towel, but a real fashion accessory. It follows you wherever you go and can even serve as a sarong. A fashion accessory original ! Both trendy and elegant, this unique piece is intended for women, men and children as it is colourful, two-tone, classic, bands or stripes. You can match it to your dress or your swimsuit to the beach.The different textures allow you to choose the fouta that you like and that will find its place in your wardrobe.Check out our traditional products woven in several ways : flat, Lurex for scratches while in the finish, or honeycomb and Chevron for extra softness and exceptional flexibility. Why choose the fouta is a tunisian ? The fouta has many advantages over a plaid classic. It is lightweight and flexible, it does not take place in the bag and its meshes are so fine too, that the sand will not be trapped inside not. In addition, the drying of the fouta of tunisia is fast, since it is made to resist moisture !Check out all of our categories of foutas are tunisian for the whole family, at prices more interesting. You are sure to find one that will meet your expectations and will seduce your entourage !

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