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Departure of a vacation, this is preparing. Acknowledge that there are still enough things to put in order before you spend a holiday elsewhere than at home. Especially if you're dreaming ofspend your vacation at the sea, you will need to ensure that you keep the accessories you need.To do this, the fouta beach is a must-have accessory. Learn all about thisbeach towel single and multiple advantages. The fouta beach and its benefits A fouta is a towel that originally was used for the Hammam. It is a tissuevery often carved in a material that is cotton or honeycomb. It is particularly soft to thetouch, absorbent and very lightweight. These characteristics allow, in addition, a dryingfast.What is the biggest advantage of a beach towel fouta, it is the ability that ithas to adapt to everything ! Even at the time. In fact, the more you wash, the more it becomessoft and beautiful ! Of a size larger than the towel classic fouta beach has nothing toenvy to the latter. How to use it to the beach and which to choose ? You can use a Fouta beach for several purposes. It can be used aslarge beach towel, bath towel, changing mat or nappy. You can also usea beach towel fouta like a scarf. You have the possibility to put you to yourcomfortable, without fear that the sand embeds itself.To optimize the quality of your holiday at sea, choosing a beach towel originalis essential. If you are looking for a beach towel, not expensive and good quality,you have the choice between different products : the large fouta, or the fouta XXL and those insponge adapted to the humidity.The foutas beach are available in all measurements and dimensions. Adult or childrenwill thus be able to find what suits them. You can as well choose according to the color, thesize and your budget.

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