Foutas flat

The fouta flat, that is the fouta is a tunisian traditional. This fabric mythical is very slight : it weighs a maximum of 450 grams. The fouta can accompany you on all your tripssince it stores easily.It is also a fabric multi-tasking since the fouta plate can be used as a beach towel,as bath towel, as a pareo and as a tablecloth. Its shimmering colors and its lines verygraphics are also an asset in the decorative must. You have probably already seenof foutas in magazines of decoration that were used as bedspreads, which were thrown awaycarelessly on sofas, or used as tablecloths.Finally, the last aspect which could make you adopt the fouta is a tunisian it is that this stuff isvery durable. You shall not fear damage to the washing as it is recommended to washseveral times in order to enjoy maximum sweetness. Fouta cheap, your specialist of the fouta flat in France Very aware of the potential that allows the fouta plate, we are specialized in thesale of fouta of high quality at low price for all the lovers of this fabric can provideeasily.We believe that high quality and low price are not necessarily antithetical (opposites) and this is forthis reason that we give special care to each product we offer.By choosing our site to make your purchases, you will receive the motivation of a teamreactive. If you have a question or want advice, you can contact us bymail, by phone, or we find on the social networks.Aware that your purchases may be subject to budgetary constraints, weput in place a number of promotions throughout the year (be careful) and youcan sometimes find some codes for additional discounts by browsing ourpublications.Please be aware that we can ship everywhere in european Union and that we strive to youdeliver as fast as possible by offering several options.
Fouta : Une étoffe légère qui va vous accompagner tout l’été

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