Foutas XXL 200x300 cms

The fouta is a fabric that comes to us from Tunisia, and which is used to make multiple clothing. In the Asian countries, it is used by women to carry their babies, but also for the olive harvest. Most recently, these tissues are transformed into towel hammam. In our western civilizations, the fouta is not used as a garment : the fabric, extremely soft, is used as a beach towel multi-use. The foutas not expensive we offer are great beach towels on which you can quietly settle for you do sunbathing to the sound of the waves. These large foutas are perfect to install it and let it get a tan, or to dry off after a long swim. Our foutas XXL measure 200 centimeters in width, and 300 cm in length, which means that you can lie on it without a single square inch of skin not touching the sand. Perfect when it is still damp, the sand tends to stick to your skin ! You can also use it for a picnic, in bed linen or even thrown out of a bed or a sofa, for example ! Our foutas XXL so are perfect for holidaymakers who want to be able to extend their long on the beach, and who need to do this a quality fabric : our large foutas are here for you ! These large beach towels are available more in different colors, so that more than a towel, it is a fashion accessory that you will be proud to show off on the beach or in front of your friends. So, do not hesitate and order a fouta XXL in your official supplier of foutas quality !
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