Foutas XL 150x250 cms

The fouta is originally a fabric that comes to us from Tunisia, and was used in the 13th century by the women to carry their babies, and by the pickers for the olive harvest. Today, this fabric is used to make towels for the steam room. In our country, the fabric is rather used for its quality, absorbent and soft, to provide you with a great accessory in your holidays : take a fouta to the beach, it is a mix between a sarong and a beach towel ! To begin with, our foutas XL have absorbent properties, which allow you to efficiently dry out of the water. These large foutas should be enough to wrap it completely to dry fully. Once you are dry, you can lie down quietly on your fouta XL to take advantage of a similiserviette range of extreme softness. Even if it is not a question of our large foutas, you will find in this category of tissue measuring 1.50 m wide and 2.50 m long, as you say that there is anything you need to expand without touching a single grain of sand ! You can also lengthen to two on the same fouta as a tablecloth or even as a discarded sofa. In addition, taking your fouta at the beach is a way to prove his love for fashion, because unlike the beach towels to the dull colors, the foutas are adorned in various colours, and differ much from what you could buy on a large surface. So, you will have the place you install it on a fashion accessory that you wish to display for all to see, or in front of your friends ! So take advantage now of our foutas XL, and you will be adorned with a fabric tunisian colored fashion that you will be extremely useful during your vacation at the seaside !
Fouta XL : profitez d’un accessoire de mode de la plage !

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