Foutas sponge

It is precisely the machine that was missing to complete your collection of foutas. The beaches, the baths, saunas and steam rooms are places where you will go now,without having to take all the usual lot - beach towel, bath towels and in additionbathrobe bathroom ! Well, like the fouta, classic fouta sponge is also acloth all-in-one multifunction : set of bed linen or bath mat, towel for your guest orbath cape, poncho or maxi bath towels, it adapts to all uses. The characteristics of the fouta sponge Lightweight and equipped with a large capacity of absorption, the fouta lined sponge is a towelin cotton, with a fabric weight lightweight. Just as the large foutas, it makes up between 1 and 2 mlength. It is carried out through a weaving of cotton flat, honeycomb or jacquard andhas fringes hand-woven which make it very elegant. Use the fouta lined sponge You are on the lookout for new trends, deco ? You have managed to find all the accessoriesin order to coordinate the bolster with your towels and up to your washcloth ? Theguest towel recalls the cushion cover egyptian cotton that adorns the cake of chairthe room friend ? And the pillow's pure cotton marries perfectly with the bedspread ? Then thefouta sponge will complement your interior. You can use it as a sarong, towelbath or beach towel. It is also useful on the deck chair, to drape you in coming out of theswimming pool. The fouta lined sponge is an essential accessory for your toiletries bag !

La fouta en éponge, plus chic que la serviette !

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