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The gloves of the loofah (or loofa/luffa) are the perfect instruments to make a scrub. It is a exfoliating glove 100% natural from the fruit loofah, a native of Egypt, China, Amazonia and India. With this glove, you will be able to give your skin a softness without precedent. The gloves loofah, the best choice for skin soft Available on our website in addition to the foutas, the glove loofah therefore share the same purpose as the gloves horsehair that many of us use in scrubs. The massage glove is also faster to use for best results, but is also much more abrasive than the glove loofah. This last has the merit of not damaging the skin when it is used, and just spend more time on the scrub to get the same results as the glove of horsehair without any damage. Among the gloves that are peeling, it is therefore the best choice, since it saves the skin and keeps the power efficient an exfoliating glove. A few tips for using the glove loofah This is not because this glove peeling is more gentle than the other that there are no precautions you can take to use it. Before using this accessory, it is better to moisten it in order to make it less rigid and therefore more gentle to the skin. Then, use that while you wash with soap. The soap will act as a natural lubricant that will make the experience even less abrasive to your skin. Practice then a circular motion on the wide zones of the body, like the thighs, buttocks or hips, and you just have to switch length on the areas that are more thin like your legs or your arms to get a satisfactory result. Finally, pay attention to wring the glove after use. As it is a natural exfoliant, it may become mouldy if left in a state too wet.
Découvrez les gants loofah, au pouvoir exfoliant moins abrasif !

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