What color are you ?

Each of us has his color fetish, but does it really our nature ? Check out our analysis of color, for you to find the perfect shade for your fouta !

Find the color that represents you the best !

There are an infinite number of colors, and they express all of the emotions. Each of these has an impact on our mood and our behavior, create psychological effects that influence our emotions and our mood. This relationship between colours and emotions is known has always been : why not find the one which suits the most to your personality ?

The symbolic aspect of the color is mainly cultural and unknowingly, influencing our perception. For example, in the West, the white stands for purity, peace and optimistic, it is the hue traditional dresses of brides, while in asian countries white is associated with mourning.

Meaning of the blue

The blue reminds us of nature and the infinite, since it makes us think directly in the sea and in the sky. The blue is a colour symbolising peace, the calm, the serenity, the generator of light for a feeling of freshness.

Significance of the white

The white is predominantly positive values such as purity, balance or innocence in the study of the colométrie. Always present at the marriage, as to a funeral, white is the embodiment of a state to another, of quiet, peace and serenity. A point of view colométrie, it is perfect to highlight the skin because it brings out the light.

Meaning of the grey

The grey represents negative values, since it is a colour look dull. It symbolizes the sadness, the depression, the helplessness, the loneliness and monotony. It may be associated with a color more lively to give back the more s your outfit !

Meaning of the yellow

Yellow is a color of cheerful and lively is the joy, the energy, tone and vitality. It may symbolize also the sweetness and intelligence. The fact that it is the color of gold, it also refers to wealth and opulence.

Meaning of brown

Brown embodies the nature as it is the color of earth, the trunks of the trees, and even the fur of some animals. It thus refers to the animal and plant world. It embodies values like nature, the rustic, the strength, the stability, the warmth, the comfort, but also the sweetness and the insurance. The brown is perfect if you have a quiet personality and gentle, always listening and open-minded.

Meaning of the black

The black symbolizes negative values such as fear, anxiety, the unknown, the loss, the emptiness, and death. It is, however, a color which, when associated with a rich-colored, enhances any outfit and morphology and is recommended in studies on the colométrie. Its colour is obscure and passe-partout is ideal for all outfits.

Meaning of the orange

The orange is very vivid and symbolizes values such as courage, intelligence, loyalty, trust and distrust at the same time although this is contradictory values. It also represents the warmth and glow, echoing the beginning of autumn for its leaves, or in spring for its unique flowers such as poppies.

Meaning of the rose

The pink symbolizes values rather positive as the innocence, the sweetness, the romance, the sweet. It also represents the calm, the peace, the serenity, the tranquility and confidence. That can vary from light tones or very flashy, it is a colour that is timeless and very popular in colométrie.

Meaning of the red

Red is worn by those who have quite a temperament. It can symbolize many conflicting values at the same time as love and hate, life and death. It reflects the passion, the temptation, the fire, the blood, the forbidden, the emotion, the anger, the aggression, the strength, the power, the power, the luxury, the energy, the perseverance, the struggle and the determination.

Meaning of the green

The green makes us think of nature, that is why it represents the natural, the balance, the permission and the freshness but it can also symbolize happiness, harmony, success, energy, optimism, youth, calmness and serenity.

Meaning of violet

Purple is a color that symbolizes the subtlety, the mystery, the romance, the idealism, the protection and the melancholy. It also symbolizes freshness, purity, peace and luxury. It is a color hosea that reflects the self-confidence and a taste for adventure.