How to use a towel fouta ?

More than a simple bath towel, the fouta is the object's essential that you must have in your home. Pretty, practical, design... it has all the qualities needed to replace your traditional towels and become your favourite object at home and elsewhere.

The towel multi-function for you

The fouta is traditionally used in the hammam, will impress you with its multiple functions. In fact, it is also a handy accessory that you can use every day and take it easily with you everywhere.

A bath sheet the premium for your life

It fully meets its primary function of towel. It gives you the best drying with a tight weave and the fabric is very absorbent. She can totally replace your old towels, old-fashioned, and you will even save space in your cupboards. Use without restriction in daily life, for your showers and your bathroom. And for the temperaments of the more traditional, do not worry ! We have thought of you and offer you foutas doubled, with one side sponge.

A beach towel at the mode

The fouta is also recommended for use in the sea. A real beach towel soft and stylish. Opt for sizes XXL to ensure you a space to relax under the summer sun. Its tight knit fibers are also ideal to avoid picking up the grains of sand when you fold your napkin. Finally, its thin fabric, you can fold it and carry very easily in your bag. A space saving essential when we like to wander around without any congestion during the summer period.

Turn your fouta at the beach !

And yes, the fouta is not only a simple towel. Thanks to its fine fabric and very comfortable, you can easily tie it around your waist for use with a sarong. Opt for a knot above the chest to make a dress light and fluid. The different patterns and designs that we offer are trendy and allow you to wear it without complex, as a fashion accessory.

The object deco trend of the moment

The multi-functions of the towel, fouta does not stop there. The collection that we offer is modern and in tones of the time. What make them true objects of decoration for your interior.

Tablecloth, plaid... a touch cosy and original

To make your interior a place that is cozy and warm, think of the fouta ! Use it for example in tablecloth for your dining table. Once again, its absorbing qualities make it the ideal item to protect your furniture. And if you are followers of the picnic, take them along with you to sit the whole family ! You can also use it as a plaid nice for your sofa or your favorite chair. Choose a colour in accordance with your decoration and bet on the originality in your interior.