The advantages of the towel, fouta

Finished towels-sponges, made up to the towel fouta ! An accessory to the many benefits that will make your happiness on a daily basis.

Very easy to carry and not bulky

If you're tired of heading out to the beach with three bags over your parasol, the towel fouta is made for you ! Designed in a fabric very end, it is all light. Thus, it is very easy to carry. In addition, you will be able to bend so as to make it fit easily in your bag. Say goodbye to towels that take up space, simplify your life with the fouta !

A towel that dries quickly

Whether at the pool or at the beach, it is always unpleasant to use a wet towel or wet. The fineness of the fouta allows it to dry much more quickly than any other towel. You can take full advantage of your cloth for you to dry and not to catch a cold ! This will also allow you to make savings by not adjusting your towel to the max every day, in your bathroom.

Fibers that do not catch

It is always unpleasant to fold up his beach towel and to harvest at the same time a whole bunch of grains of sand. Even shaking it vigorously, there are still small pebbles inlaid, that one will have the misfortune to get home. The fouta is designed in a fabric that does not hang. You can use it as a beach towel without fear and fully enjoy your moments of relaxation.

A soft texture and pleasant

The fouta is made from cotton of very good quality. This important feature gives it a peculiar sweetness. Thanks to this, you will no longer suffer the appearance coarse of your bath towels. Instead, wrap yourself in a soft sheet and very nice for your skin.

A multi-function

If its first quality is to be a towel, the fouta reserve many surprises. It can also be used for many other applications :

  •       Turn the sarong tendency to wander around on the beach in the tying around your waist or your bust. Its fluid fabric and lightweight is perfect for this.
  •       Use it as a tablecloth to protect your table or accompany you to a picnic. A key trend that it will be easy to clean.
  •       Set it on your sofa or your bed, to make a plaid or a blanket that is original. Be trendy and shine in front of your guests.


Pair these different ways to use it throughout the year : in lieu of a towel during sunny days and element of interior decoration at the time of the winter. Investment is very economical and cost effective.

A wide range of models

We offer you different types of foutas. Towels of great size to those doubled-up sponge, passing through models Jacquard. You will definitely find the one which suits you. In addition, because the tastes and colors do not argue, you will have the choice among many designs and colours in our collection.