How to wear the fouta ?

Originally, the fouta is a towel, tunisian, used in the steam rooms. More and more democratized, it made its appearance on the beaches and in bathrooms, because of its properties of ultra-absorbent. But contrary to what one might believe, it is not only a simple towel. This accessory trend has many other vocations. Among them, the possibility of the wear and make it an asset mode undeniable.

A sarong elegant and fluid

It is first of all on the beach as you can wear the fouta in style. Whether you are a man or a woman, use it as a sarong for strolling on the fine sand. Tie it simply around your waist, and voila ! Its appearance fluid, and lightweight ensure a comfortable fit. And if you are wet(e), do not worry. The fineness of the fabric allows it to dry very quickly.

Turn the light dresses and trend

Ladies, the fouta is also the opportunity to add an original piece to your wardrobe. With a little creativity, you can transform it into a dress very trendy. If you need some ideas for the build, Conso Globe gives you a hand up with three ideas of dresses. The foutas are offered in many motifs to modern, a good opportunity to wear them with style !

Coverage nice for the cool evenings

During the summer, at night, to the cool sometimes feel. Take it with you wherever you use your fouta, and slip it over your shoulders to shelter from the wind. Its tight weave allows you to protect you and prevents you from taking cold. Moreover, its material of cotton gives it a smooth, very pleasant. It is very comfortable to wear and relegates to the second plan your sweaters favorite.