how to use foutas

Woven cotton foutas 100x200 cms have multiple uses. Very lightweight it is very easy to carry to the beach or in your suitcase.

The 150x250 cms have a use rather than in the linen, for example discarded sofa or cover a small bed.

The 200x300 cms are ideal for a large sofa, or closing out of bed for the largest measuring 160x200

Think, too, to cover your car seats, for the pic-nic Etc ...

The 100 x 200 cms

Fouta-Towels-600.jpg                     7sT_beach_1.jpg            il_570xN-897526822_h6gj.jpg   

Beach towel Sarong On the sand In the bathroom

150 x 250 cms

                      2017-03-01 2017-03-01 001 001.JPG                               35082_2_1.jpg               

Water Pier sofa

200 x 300 cms


Pier bed or sofa